Lately I’ve been thinking


They say that if an idea hits you, bite it. That can be The Voice carrying out His plans. And once you know what it is, set a standard, visualize already what is the end state.

As you may have know, I’m going to graduate school. Actually 50%, not yet. But will take the admission test this coming Saturday and still have to undergo interview and I am clueless. Yesterday I already went to The University to secure application forms. I also asked my ex-professor and my former boss who recently transferred to the academe to be my referrers, both of which gladly said yes. Pays to have established good relationships with these esteemed people. Yay!

So now I have to answer these personal questions:
(Insert photo here)

In my work, I used to ask question number one to qualified applicants. Now here’s me being asked. 😉 Boo me, I’m facing them much later.

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As of posting date, I’ve already secured my referrers and yet to answer the essays.


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