As of writing this post, I feel completely exhausted. Dead tired. Work-related.

However there are stuffs to attribute for this flat affect which my body is currently manifesting. Majority goes to the fact that I haven’t received any news or updates from the university since I took the qualifying exam last Saturday. I am not losing hope though because according to the facilitator, our exams will still be verified from their main campus along with the other requirements in which I have completely submitted that same day. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue.

The rest goes to the lack of rice thereof. I’m having rice only for breakfast since Sunday and i didn’t expect that it’ll be a lot harder having my rice-for-breakfast-only policy for the workweek. I seem to be in that life stage where your body involuntarily change and grows and no matter how you reduce your helpings your body just can’t seem to get smaller. I try to justify most of the time you know but really someone’s getting bigger here. Ack.

Siri, I feel weak. I still have some packings to do.


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