After a month of having the class with the gurus, Professor Wow gave a group activity where the guru’s title or contributions written down and all of us have to identify which owns which.

Here are some few gurus and their contribution to the management table:

John Henry Patterson – Father of Modern Salesmanship

David McLelland – Father of Aspiration Management

Igor Ansoff – Father of Strategic Management

Jack Welch – Mr. Vitality Curve

Kenichi Ohmae – Developer of 3 C’s Model

Juan Lopez Perez – Inventor of Negative Learning

Peter Drucker – Father of Modern Management Theory

Philip Kotler – Leader of Marketing Thought

Bill Gates – Grand Entrepreneur of the PC Revolution

Mary Parker Follet – Mother of Scientific Management

Carlos Ghosn – Mr. Fix It

Michael Porter – Father of Strategic Competitive Management

Frederick Hertzberg – Two-factor Theorist

CK Prahalad – Advocate of Core Competency

David Ogilvy – Father of Advertising

Edward de Bono – Known for Lateral Thinking

Warren Buffet – Wizard of Omaha

Charles Handy – Originator of Shamrock Organization

Albert Humphrey – Mr. SWOT Analysis

Edith Penrose – Theory of the Growth of the Firm

Steve Jobs – Father of the Digital Revolution

Rosabeth Moss Kanter – Researcher on Tokenism

Adrian Slywotzky – Advocate of Value Migration

Alfred Chandler – Father of Business History

John Kotter – Guru of Leadership

Henry Fayol – Father of Administrative Management

Sumantra Ghoshal – Father of Strategic International Management

Henry Mitzberg – Creator of Organigraph

Sam Walton – Father of Modern Retail Management


How would you reinforce to learn the management theorist? Let the students be them.

That’s how Professor Wow did yesterday.  The idea was brilliant.  I was thinking “Where did I saw this strategy again?” Because it was like I’ve seen this somewhere. I’m not sure if its in the movies or anime or somewhere I read. You personify. You be in the shoes of the guru. Your wear the glasses of the guru. You contest like the guru.

Mine’s Dr. Kenichi Ohmae, known as Mr. Strategy, labeled as one of the five management gurus in the world by The Economist in 1994.  He authored the 3C’s Model–the three factors one must focus for success.


I’m glad the guru assigned to me is a Japanese. This gives me a leverage in understanding the strategies of our Japanese executives.  Planning to read The Mind of the Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business.

Other management gurus to meet:

  1. Edith Penrose – The Theory of the Growth of the Firm
  2. Mary Parker Follet – Woman pioneer theorist in management theory
  3. Sumantra Ghoshal – “Springtime Theory”
  4. Carlos Ghosn – Responsible for Nissan’s turnaround
  5. Rosabeth Moss Kanter – Business and Change Management; a professor at Harvard Business School
  6. C.K. Prahalad – core competency and its role on the corporation
  7. Adrian Slywotzky – business model design and innovation
  8. Juan Antonio Perez Lopez – motivation theory of work
  9. Oscar Perrigo – a mechanical engineer, and early technical and management author
  10. David Mackenzie Ogilvy – The Father of Advertising
  11. Constantinos Markides – researched on international competitiveness, corporate restructuring, refocusing, and international acquisitions
  12. Albert Humphrey – devised SWOT analysis, organizational management and cultural change
  13. Igor Ansoff – The Father of Modern Strategic Thinking
  14. Henry Fayol – proposed 6 functions of management, and 14 principles of management