The HBR Treasures


As mentioned in my previous post, I sincerely wanted to keep this space active. Well, at least, it is breathing. Forgive me for being in the busy-ness business of juggling between work, school, and my healthy lifestyle struggle.

While I am not really absent online, I got attached with Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles. And it all started with the report assigned to me for my Marketing Management course. Our group was assigned the book on Brand Management, I personally chose my topic, Building Brands Without Mass Media by Eric Joachimstaller and David Aaker. Prior to reading the article, in my mind were ignorant questions like “How?” “Why?” “Is that possible?” By the time I finished reading, I was like “Wow!” and “Where was I?” (Because I live under a rock–less updated on current events other than my studies. A recognized weakness I must work on.) My professor said, “Never fall in love with your article.” I read it again, every bit of it, googled over the companies, the founder, the brands, their strategies, and others outside my article who did the same.

And there’s more to that! HBR articles ranges from self management, growth, customer service, leadership, teams, and many intellectual reads. I call them food for the brain. The knowledge never get old. Reading. Every one who took their masters must be a fan of reading. And when I say reading that means carefully choosing books, articles, or publications that adds to your worth.

I’m not sure if I can keep up with the plan but I intend to share some thoughts on the articles I read. Let’s hope for the good. 😉



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