My cooking eggsperience


I recently became a fan of soft-boiled eggs. Blame it to my colleague who claims to be on a protein diet. He eats nothing but five boiled eggs a day and a can of tuna–no rice. He said it keeps him strong and aids in his body-building gimmick. Frustrated of not having the juju cleanse, I decided to give it a try.

Just to make it clear people, I’m not after the protein diet. I just like the feeling of having a scheduled meal which you religiously follow–this time, the eggs for lunch and snacks, not for breakfast because I’m having my morning meal prepared by Mom (thankyouus!)

So everyday, first item on my to-do list was to order five boiled eggs at the canteen and have it delivered to my office. Growing up, we were told to cut down the egg yellow or the yolk as it is full of cholesterol.  That’s sad news  for me because that’s my favorite part. Therefore, everyday I’m downing five eggs, and yes, aside from its shell, I eat the whole thing, even the yellow part.

In the middle of my egg-eating routine, I noticed that my eggs were different than the other days. They were soft and my taste buds say they are better that way.  I called the canteen and asked who did my eggs.  The next morning, I requested for the same cook to do my eggs the way she did them yesterday.

Now weekend arrives. I sensed this time will come… that is, to do my own soft-boiled eggs!

With the help of our genius buddy, Google, I placed the eggs in a boiling water very careful so as not to crack and cover it for three minutes. The result? They were too raw, not close to my cook’s standard. I placed them back in the boil for another two minutes. And another. And after the fourth installment, they were cooked two levels above the eggs I wanted. I ate them anyways.

Meh. All this time I thought boiling eggs was just as easy. If only I can do it how you would in Harvest Moon–drop an egg into the hot springs for an instant spa-boiled egg. It all boils down to the timing! Next time I might try to do them for six minutes straight. I’ll never stop until I get my perfect soft-boiled egg! 😛

my baon for PT session


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