The Lost Symbol


While most people are talking about the last chapter of Harry Potter, I am, once again meeting Robert Langdon in his quest for The Lost Symbol. It was my Mom’s statement “it’s better than Harry Potter” that got me although she admit to have never been to Hogwarts or met Dumbledore. I joined the Harry Potter bandwagon during the first three books back in high school and never went back to Hogwarts again just because.

Anyways, enough of Potter because I wrote to talk about Langdon, particularly, his love for symbols. I like to believe that Langdon is the type of guy who falls under my ideals and unfortunately does not exist. I had my share of interest on symbols during the early part of my life when I learned and was fascinated about the fact that every person has a unique mark only they can make called signature. Forging has not arrived in my vocab then. While kids of my age then are making their own signatures, I was busy crafting my beliefs into symbols.

If you are reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, you probably have visited this site, startled by Paul Michael’s voice, and played the symbol quest game. Here are some symbols I find interesting. Few spoilers!

The Ankh. It’s Langdon’s favorite. You’ll see two of this on his website on his banner. Believed to be the original cross.

It's an ancient Egyptian heiroglyphic character that reads "eternal life".

Demisemiquaver or simply a thirty-second note. If you want to sound classical. In the game, it was a demisemiquaver rest.

Thirty-second note or 1/32.

Octothorpe because of its eight points is the other not-so-familiar name for number sign, sharp, pound sign… what else? Hashtag!

Langdon calls it octothorpe, I call it hashtag.

The eye of Horus. Adam Lambert got this tattooed on his wrist after he got in for AI. Hieroglyph of seven body parts in one. I think of Count Olaf?

All seeing eye.

Reached 33rd degree with no errors. By the end of the game, Dan Brown wants you to look for the five symbols with hidden messages to find and decrypt. Hmmm. Let’s see.
*Photos from Google.


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