Back from the purgatory.


Hello wordpress, I missed you. It’s been quite a while but so glad I perfectly got the perfect username-password combination from my cluttered head. You see, I’ve been busy pondering about things I know I should not.  Like conjuring a dead ghost and (unconsciously) trying to make it alive.  Make that “thing”. The Voice was always present, never failed to remind me to stop through lots of things–Bobby’s flask (Supernatural), Ruth’s patience for Boaz (Bible), and an uncomfortable conversation with a long-time friend slash conscience. But my Lucifer is so much like Sam’s Lucifer who kept on pushing thoughts inside my head it hurts so much it feels like torture. But then again, I know I have personal matters to settle first before facing the action plan for that.  Ro wants to meet and watch Pacman tomorrow but Saturdays and Sundays are the only days I can do my self confrontations.  I tire easily on work days.


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