Songs from Jam88.3


I’ve been on a music hunt lately and been digging up on Jam88.3. So far, this radio station provides me with songs that’s been giving me a feel-good mood.

1. Muse’s Starlight. This is my current travel-to-work song. It feels good tapping along with the beat of the snare and floor tom. Check out Muse at Abbey Road.

2. Manchester Orchestra’s Simple Math. On some occasions, my hearing is virtually impaired so I thought it’s Sinful Mind. I love this as much as I love “While My Guitar Gently Sleeps”–same feel. Almost. Link to their live radio performance here.

3. Tori Amos’ Sleeps With Butterflies. Heard this last Wednesday, typhoon on my way to work. I thought it was Barbie Almalbis’ new song. Thanks to Google for making me ask “Where was I in 2005? It’s already her 8th album!”. There’s a lot of interpretation to the song–girl who rather date a girl than a guy, or a girl starting to see love coming in the scene with a guy not ready–lots of symbolism. Not good quality but my fave live version.

4. Company of Thieves’ Oscar Wilde. Brilliant title for a brilliant song. Who doesn’t love three-piece bands? The MV makes me think that it was recorded using my Vivitar PN2011 lol. Reminded me to read Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray. I take this song as a reminder to enjoy life and not be guided by how the society says we should do to enjoy life. Particularly like singing to beat of the chorus:

We are all our-own devil / We are all our-own devil / We make this world our hell

5. Noelle Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ The Death of You and Me. Don’t you find songs in minors and then goes major in chorus with 7ths? Plus, I’m one of those who thought this song is about the Oasis breakup. Admit it Noelle, it’s for Liam. I hate good band breakups.


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