How do you feel?


Usually the shrink’s opening question for patients on therapy.

Right now I feel like a glass half full–50% happy, 50% idk.

The first part of what I feel can be attributed for the following:

• For the weekend we were called the Southern Sons enjoying the weather and the company of each other in the far flung Dabaw.


• A day before our weekend getaway I finally heard from the university. Got an SMS on Thursday 15:02 saying:

Hi this is She from The University. I would like to inform you that the scheduled MM interview this Saturday is cancelled. Will contact you next week for your schedule. Thanks!

I was in the middle of doing the final preparations for our company event the next day and when I got the message I was like, “Did I pass the exam?” “Really?” I immediately forwarded the message to Mom and she replied, “Oooh! Congrats! Good thing you don’t have to cancel your flight.” God is good! So again, for this week all I have to do is to patiently wait. God is good!

• My best friend is getting married and I’m really happy or her. She asked of I’ll be available on the 25th of Novemer and I guessed, “Why ask? You getting married?” she replied, “Yes! How did you know?” Just a wild guess. She requested me to sing Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years as she walks down the isle. Good luck to me because everytime I hear and sing with it i just cant help but cry. Really touching song. *tears*

Now for the sad part…

• Lesson for today: don’t wake up with a bad news. This morning I woke up with the sound of my neighbor crying so bad that made me imagine the worse. I stayed in bed but Mom came to wake me up only to find out she knows as she shares what she heard. Apparently she heard the whole story–our neighbor was at the waiting shed about to go on her 6am duty (it was 4:30am) when she was snatched by two bad guys with a motorcycle and a knife that got her wounded. I told
Mom not to tell Ju about it right away because I don’t want him to feel bad too. Sometimes you just can’t help but wonder why bad people exist.

• Engineers, where are you?

• I still feel fat (although most people say they like me this way). Yesterday I bought pills in the hope they can make me feel better. It seems the other way. I decided to jump on the GM Diet bandwagon.

20120703-221020.jpg My cousins tried the plan already and felt good about it. So I’ve been doing a bit of a research on the effects and preparations. It’s just for 7 days and it’s based on fruits and vegetables which is more of a cleansing mode so maybe I thought I should give it a shot. Bought fruits and vegetables a while ago. I must admit though I’m having a hard time thinking of what other vegetables can I have for Day 2. I have read somewhere of the side effects that at some point it will make you feel weak which is the thing I will try to manage because unfortunately I am a working girl and I can’t just go to bed and lie down if it happens. Day 1 starts tomorrow, so, good luck to me!

Sometimes when I try to do a conversation with myself I realize I don’t really have a problem. Or there are things that I thought makes me automatically sad but on second thought, “Why?”


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