“I come in silence.”


You get to think about what you want when you are alone. Agree?

I was completely okay with my life Until this morning when The Voice spoke to me.

“Go back to school.”

It was not long before Ha came in and I mentioned the idea. Surprisingly he was thinking of the same thing. We sort of justified our own reasons which happened so fast that we didn’t realized we already decided our chosen career–both Masters in Business Administration. Ex-prof and college classmates agreed. I texted Mom seeking for blessing and I got excited upon learning she was so positive about it. I asked her to help me pray for continuous interest (knowing I had several good short-lived plans) and keep the fire burning. This new plan is crazy genius that it never left my mind the whole day. But who cares? It’s Friday!

So the next step would be I confirm the schedule with my chosen university. I was told that classes are from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Saturdays for part time. Also checking if the school offers a non-thesis program. I don’t think I can handle thesis anymore given the full-time work schedule I have. Eek! Lord, guide me!


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