Let’s get physical BB!


I just joined a biggest-loser-thing game with my friends yesterday for two reasons—for fun and basically because the holidays are coming in so I can reward myself and not feel guilty after, lol. So we had the initial weigh-in, and had my mind set on bringing back the fitness buff in me. I was physically active until I had the ankle injury.

Hello sprained ankle--no more.

I was working out with Shawn T right after my morning alarm, so that’s everyday. I used to play badminton on Tuesdays and Thursdays and actually had plans to start running with Chi. So this time, I’m leveling up. *ehem*

Just like what people say, you have to have someone with you for extra motivation, and I’m sharing this with my bb! 😀 There’s a BBGeeks article (although a bit outdated) which talks about a few BB fitness apps. The AppWorld has heaps. Looks like Gym Technik is a top choice by users so far. Meh. Suggestions bb healthbuffs?


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