Things to do in HK


I’ve always dreamed of being able to travel to places and last month I was able to grab a promo fare to Hong Kong and in the next two months, somebody’s flying! Yess!!

See you soon Hong Kong!

Google suggested Discover Hong Kong and it has this interactive itinerary planner where you can choose from 5 themed itinerary or make a custom itinerary.  Very convenient.

So what to do when I get there? Here’s my *tentative* bucketlist:

  1. Go to the The Peak and take a panoramic picture of the view
  2. Catch the Symphony of Lights show on our first day via Starr Ferryor through the Avenue of Stars
  3. Chill out at the rooftop of the IFC (International Finance Center) mall
  4. Check out G.O.D
  5. Have a Disneyland adventure 🙂
  6. See the Giant Buddha statue
  7. Grab a bargain at the CityGate Shopping Mall

That sums up my thoughts of to do, for now. Hmm, anything else?


2 Responses to “Things to do in HK”

  1. how about night market?

    Thanks for the visit by the way

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