Dear young self


While you were a trending topic on twitter, I thought you would qualify for a good post. Who would be clever enough to start a conversation with your younger self. I myself was in deep thought when I saw you trend.

They say it’s good to break the sad news first followed by the good so let me talk to you about my disappointments, the could’ve been statements that, although may not happen again, put me at my current state.

If only I could be with you during your earlier days I wish I urged you to be more sociable, not that you weren’t but I think you could’ve established a better and larger network that what you have right now. You see, you worked with an influential profile yet you opt not to be associated with his name for security purposes. I know you, as much as possible don’t like using the word “utang na loob” or “debt of gratitude” but if you were just older, you’ll realize that’s how the way the world works.

Be tough. I know very well that it’s part of your resolutions. Learn to let go of events that just pull you down. Don’t waste your time thinking of people that are like dementors sucking all your positivities and dreams. If only you learned earlier the effect this will have on you few years from there.

But despite these could haves, let me commend you for a job well done on your studies. Indeed, perseverance is the key. At your young age you were regarded as the Jill of all trades, master of few. You learned a lot from your heartbreak–lots of realizations you had. At least you grew to understand that those three words are sacred and how you realize that waiting is an integral part of life. You learned that people come and go and they are present in your life to teach you a lesson. People make mistakes, and it’s good that most people, if not all, are learning from them. I admire how you realized, at a young age, the value of your family, of having a complete family as your support group. And your continuous learning from wise people and books will definitely help you in your never-ending study of the greatness of life. Lastly, I would like to tap you on the back for realizing that when all else fails, at the end of the day, there is only one He that will make you feel home.

Just a word of advice: Never stop learning.

All the best,

Your 25-year old self


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