What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?


Exercise? Well, uhm, it’s been like, what..? June, July.. two months since I last had my physical activity.  And by physical activity I meant my weekly badminton and daily morning workouts.

Here’s a picture of my left foot, two months ago:

I did not let the friends sign on my cast. I was a walking tripod.

Having to walk on crutches for almost three weeks is never easy. The moment I heard my left foot will be cast for two to three weeks for having a grade 3 ankle sprain, I embraced the idea and took it as a challenge. But as days went on, I started to realize the burden of having only one able foot which solely carried my body’s weight. My palms grew thick from using the crutches while trying to support my balance, and meh, they ached every single day, most especially in the mornings. And let’s not forget, bath time. I’m glad Mom is around to assist me in the showers. It was really a challenge to take a shower and not let the cast get wet. Last week in crutches, I couldn’t help but cry for being tired. I only walk when I needed to. I was on the verge of giving up. Even though I studied how to walk with them properly, there were still instances that I tripped, and one that even made me step my injured foot. Tired. That’s how I felt. Each morning, I stretch my feet and wake up with a jerk forgetting the cast. During the later part of the day, the swelling occurs that’s why I have to elevate it to a level given the chance. At work, I have drawers which I pull open so I could have something to rest my foot which in turn make me not to sit properly. Yes, free back aches. I took meds. One time I went to the mall and people would stare at you with a facial expression of “what happened?”

Everyday I was dreaming for the freedom of my left foot that on the night before my cast was removed, I dreamt of my cast slowly being removed with a bunch of “footiputians” rejoicing with mini banners and mini fireworks but it was not total freedom because when the glass is about to be removed, I woke up.  Somehow, it brightened my day and even brighter later during the removal.

On the brighter side, I get to avail of the parking for disabled and restroom for disabled. I also got discounts and freebies for buying a guitar I used in a gig at the WTC (yes, I performed on crutches. All of us were seated which gave an “unplugged” ambiance. Pretty awesome). True enough, it is during your down moments that you would see who is more than willing to be there for you. Glad to have my friends and family who served as my “left foot” during those times. Definitely one of the greatest thing.

After nine PT sessions, my foot, although still feeling stiff, is now back on track. BUT. Still counting years before I go back to game. And the sad part is, our business tournament will be next week. Really sad.


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