Hello WordPress


Here I am after months of deciding whether to get a B or WordPress account. I have had my time with B. Let’s see how’s it like with you.

So why are we here?

This space would be the place to pour random thoughts, see what they are all about, and learn what consumes the majority of the gray matter inside.


5 Responses to “Hello WordPress”

  1. I have no experience with B but so far I like WordPress and have had success in my 2 months here.

    • Hi there Harnew! Two months already? Way to go. 🙂
      There’s a lot for me to learn here.

      • 2 months isn’t long. I’m still learning. My success came from not having the mentality most bloggers come in with. They’re just awkward with their introductions and they all sound alike. I say successful because I’m almost at 50 subscribers and I have a handful of authors. My advice to you would be be active in the WordPress community. Find others who use the tags you do.

      • Thanks for the advice! 🙂

  2. Welcome.

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